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  • What is Distributed Application
  • High Level Architecture on how RMI/CORBA/DCOM works
  • Introduction to Web Service & SOAP
  • To build an Web Service application and client
  • Pass by value and reference behavior
  • Working with Soap Header Attribute
  • Asynchronous Call to the Web Method
  • Security in Web Service
  • Introduction to WCF
  • Evolution of WCF
  • Evolution of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Four Tenets of SOA
  • What is WCF
  • Developing WCF Service Application and Client
  • Hosting WCF Service in IIS/ASP.NET Development Server
  • Using a Service in the client application
  • Understand Contracts in the service.
  • Service Contract.
  • Operation Contract.
  • Data Contract.
  • Understand Instancing behavior in the service.
  • Single
  • Per Call
  • Per Session
  • Building WCF Library based Host and Client application
    Endpoints in configuration file
  • End points in Configuration File.
  • ABC - Address, Binding & Contract of the service in Configuration File.
  • Understanding importance of base address.
  • Importance of IMeta data Exchange Contract / Endpoint.
  • Configuring service behavior in configuration file
  • WCF Service Configuration Editor
  • Creating Endpoints through Code
  • Channel Stacks & Bindings in WCF
  • Understanding Channel Stack
  • Introduction to Binding
  • Types of Bindings.
  • Configuring a Service and Client for Multiple Bindings
  • Binding Class Properties.
  • Understanding Service and Data Contracts
  • About Service Contract
  • Data Contract & Data Member
  • Versioning using Interface Extensible Data Object
  • Version Tolerance
  • Implications of Modifying Service Operations
  • Implications of Modifying Data Contracts

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